Which US politician is the least popular?

As of March 2014 President Obama has a disapproval rating of approximately 52% (varies 1-2% by poll). Contrary to popular opinion, he does not have the highest ever disapproval rating. Here’s the list of the five highest disapproval ratings for US presidents since 1945:

GW Bush                  71%     October 2008
Harry S Truman        67%    January 1952
Richard Nixon           66%     August 1974
GH Bush                   60%     July 1992
Jimmy Carter            59%     June 1979

Obama doesn’t even make the list!

In contrast, the approval rating of the US Congress has not been above 20% since 2010 and in November 2013 the approval rating of the US Congress fell to 9%. This makes the current Congress the least popular since polling of Congress began in 1974.

So, who deserves our disapproval more?

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