Why do so many Americans hate Obama?

Obama HatersWhen I travel abroad or meet friends from other countries, they often ask:  “Why do you dislike your president so much?”  Here’s what I tell them:

  • It’s not because the country has had 64 consecutive months of job growth and has created 12 million jobs since 2009 when Obama first took office.
  • It’s not because the unemployment rate is now 5.4% (compared to 8.3% in January 2009).
  • It’s not because the rescue of the auto, insurance and banking industries actually worked – and most of the government money used to fund those rescues was returned (with interest).
  • It’s not because the annual Federal Deficit is now 2.7% of GDP (compared to 10% when Obama took office) and is now well below the 40-year average.
  • It’s not because Obama has the worst record of increasing the National Debt. Every President has increased the debt.  Under Obama it has increased by 70%.  Reagan increased the National Debt by 130%.  FDR increased the debt 1000% and Woodrow Wilson increased the debt by 700%.  Yes, the last two were war presidents – but Obama inherited two wars which turned out to be the longest wars in US history.
  • It’s not because interest rates are about as low as any of us can remember.
  • It’s not because US domestic oil production has increased by 66% since 2009 – reversing a steady decline from 1981 to 2008.
  • It’s not because America is now the #1 producer of oil and natural gas and is practically energy independent.
  • It’s not because the annual increase in health care costs is now slower than it has been for decades.
  • It’s not because the stock market is at an all-time high (compared to the horrible position it was in early in 2009)
  • It’s not because the US dollar has strengthened against every other major currency in the world.
  • It’s not because I (like many Americans) now have health-care coverage when in 2012 and 2013 every insurance company refused me coverage (regardless of the premium I was prepared to pay) because of a pre-existing condition.
  • It’s not because there is no Ebola pandemic in America (and there never was one).
  • It’s not because we now rarely see young American soldiers dying in Iraq or Afghanistan (something that used to be a daily occurrence).
  • It’s not because Obama killed bin Laden and helped get rid of Qaddafi of Libya and Morsi of Egypt
  • It’s not because Obama has killed more than 4,000 terrorists with drones with no cost to the lives of allied soldiers
  • It’s not because there were fewer US civilian deaths by organized terrorists under Obama than under any other recent president – Reagan (675), Clinton (444), GW Bush (3073), Obama (7 – including Benghazi and Boston Marathon).
  • It’s not because Obama has pardoned fewer convicted felons than Regan, H Bush, Clinton and GW Bush combined.
  • It’s not because Obama has issued 200 fewer Executive Orders than Regan, 170 fewer than Clinton and 97 fewer than GW Busch.
  • It’s not because Obama has exercised his veto only 4 times to override Congressional bills – unlike G W Bush (12), Clinton (37), G H Bush (44), Regan (78). In fact you have to go back 125 years to James Garfield to have fewer presidential vetoes.
  • It’s not because in the first 6 years of his presidency, Obama has taken fewer vacation days (161) than Bill Clinton (174), Ronald Reagan (390) or George W Bush (405).
  • It’s not because after 60 years of living with a failed policy regarding Cuba, Obama is now trying something different.
  • It’s not because Americans have not  lost their “freedom”  as many predicted.

No, people don’t hate him for any of the reasons above. They hate him because they either don’t know these facts or don’t believe any of these facts to be true.  They prefer to believe that these are untrue political statements created to defend an economy and an administration that is a complete and utter failure.

Alternatively they hate him because they believe that all of these “improvements” have nothing to do with him.  That it’s the US economy which has fixed itself in spite of Obama’s “mismanagement”.

But, if gas prices were $5 or interest rates were 12% or the Dow Jones was at 12,000 (instead of 18,000) or the US dollar was weak or Americans were dying in foreign wars or Obama was pardoning felons – then he would surely get the blame.

In early 2009 many predicted that Obama would cripple the economy, drive small businesses into bankruptcy, create a European socialist state in America, take everyone’s guns, push gas prices to $5 and suspend the constitution and appoint himself dictator for life.  None of that happened.

But wait – there’s still hope.  Maybe he’s waiting until his last month in office to destroy the country.

So, we apparently hate him not because of what actually happened during his Presidency, but in anticipation of what he might do.


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One thought on “Why do so many Americans hate Obama?

  1. I’m sending this to all my US friends at the golf course !!
    Too bad the media can’t get this straight and simple the way you have. That is the trouble these days its just plain hard to sperate the wheat for the chaff

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