Donald Trump

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Donald J. Trump    @realDonaldTrump – July 31

The Mooch is gone.  Don’t like guys who hog the spotlight.


Donald J. Trump    @realDonaldTrump – July 29

I have full confidence in my Chief of Staff Reince Prebus to good work somewhere else, but not in the WH.


Donald J. Trump    @realDonaldTrump – July 24

AG Jess Session is disappointing, and he’s short.  I don’t trust short people.


Donald J. Trump    @realDonaldTrump – July 20

Spicer is out.  I don’t like his impression of Melissa McCarthy.

Scaramouch is in, he’s class act NYer like me.


Donald J. Trump    @realDonaldTrump – July 10

I have full confidence in my Cabinet and WH team.  They are doing the best job of any Cabinet in the history of Cabinets.


Donald J. Trump    @realDonaldTrump – July 5

In a few days we are going to pass beautiful new Health Care right after we repeal Obamacare. Not the mean bill passed by the House, but a new bill in the Senate which will be less mean.

This is going to be easy.


Donald J. Trump    @realDonaldTrump – April 29

Being President is a lot of work.  Who knew?


Donald J. Trump    @realDonaldTrump – April 28

I can’t get Congress to pass laws for any of my ideas.  But I have a phone and a pen, mostly a pen.  And a Twitter account.  And big hands. And I won the election.


Donald J. Trump    @realDonaldTrump – April 27

Just found out the there are two countries both called Korea.  Korea #1 (Good); Korea #2 (Bad).


Donald J. Trump    @realDonaldTrump – April 26

I was going to cancel NAFTA, but then I realized NAFTA is actually good for us, so … never mind.

Same with the Iran deal.


Donald J. Trump    @realDonaldTrump – April 25

Canada is a big country that’s near us.  We get hockey players, milk, lumber and 50% of the people on our TV news from Canada.  Not Fair!

I will buy Canada and make the Canadians pay for it!


Donald J. Trump    @realDonaldTrump – April 10

People say I am sour on Steve Bannon.  Not true.  I’ve never tasted him.


Donald J. Trump    @realDonaldTrump – April 3

I’ve asked my son-in-law Jared to get China to stop raping us, make the criminal justice system less criminal, re-innovate the entire government by making it bigger less bad, get the Iraqis to be nice, and have Isreal and the Arab world forget about their differences.   Next month I will ask him to find money for the wall and make my opinion poll numbers go higher.


Donald J. Trump    @realDonaldTrump – Mar 31

I’m going to change the libel laws so that people who are not truthful will go to jail.

President, however, has immunity – its the law.


Donald J. Trump    @realDonaldTrump – Mar 28

I’m getting tired of being criticized for lack of ethics, that’s why I’m appointing my daughter Ivanka to the WH staff to look into this.


Donald J. Trump    @realDonaldTrump – Mar 20

Obama played a lot of golf and when he did it was a terrible waste of time and taxpayer’s money.

I play more golf than Obama and that’s ok because when I do, it’s a strategic use of my time and an investment … in my courses.


Donald J. Trump    @realDonaldTrump – Mar 17

On St Patrick’s day, here’s my favorite Irish proverb:  “Always remember to forget some people who never forget to remember you … or not.”


Donald J. Trump    @realDonaldTrump – Mar 16

Who do I have to blow around here to get a Muslim ban?


Donald J. Trump    @realDonaldTrump – Mar 15

Shocking that Obama wire-tapped me – and by wire-tap I mean he was listening to my speeches on TV and taking notes.


Donald J. Trump    @realDonaldTrump – Mar 14

Obamacare is a disaster and is ruining our economy – which is great by the way, unemployment now 4.7% and S&P at all time high.


Donald J. Trump    @realDonaldTrump – Mar 13

Kelly Ann advised me that microwave ovens are listening to my confidential conversations and are the source of our leaks.

So I just signed a new Executive Order banning microwaves from the White House.


Donald J. Trump    @realDonaldTrump – Mar 12

Nobody knew that Healthcare is so complicated.  And by “nobody” I mean no one in my administration.


Donald J. Trump    @realDonaldTrump – Mar 10

On January 24 the US unemployment rate was 40%.   Horrible and Disgusting!

Fifty days into my presidency the US unemployment rate is now 4.7%.   A HUGE turnaround. Winning!


Donald J. Trump    @realDonaldTrump – Mar 9

My new healthcare law will save American families money.  For example, my kids will each save $200,000 in taxes.  You’re welcome.

But it does not help me, because I don’t really pay taxes.


Donald J. Trump    @realDonaldTrump – Mar 8

JUST FOUND OUT that Chuck Schumer is not really Jewish.  SHOCKING!  Congress should stop wasting its time on Russia and investigate Schumer!


Donald J. Trump    @realDonaldTrump – Mar 7

My new and amazing health care plan is totally different and so much better.  Even the name is different and better. AHCA.


Donald J. Trump    @realDonaldTrump – Mar 7

I love WikiLeaks.  Wait, what?   WikiLeaks is leaking CIA documents?

WikiLeaks BAD!


Donald J. Trump    @realDonaldTrump – Mar 6

On Feb 9 I promised to unveil the details of my “phenomenal” tax plan in 2-3 weeks time.

Now Crooked Media is asking me: Where is that plan?  I told you, it’s coming in 2-3 weeks.


Donald J. Trump    @realDonaldTrump – Mar 6

Because the so-called courts overturned my first Muslim ban, I just signed a new Muslim ban which, to clarify, is not a “Muslim” ban.


Donald J. Trump    @realDonaldTrump – Mar 5

Obama wire-tapped me, is President of ISIS, was born in Kenya, had fewer electoral college votes, smaller inaugural crowds and has smaller hands than me. Bad guy and Sad!


Donald J. Trump    @realDonaldTrump – Mar 1

Crooked Media are talking about possible impeachment for me.  It’s not going to happen because I have an insurance policy – Mike Pence.


Donald J. Trump    @realDonaldTrump – Feb 28

Today I signed an executive order reversing Obama’s order which stopped mentally ill people from buying guns. Now an additional 75,000 of my supporters can own guns.  You’re welcome!


Donald J. Trump    @realDonaldTrump – Jan 30

Today I signed an executive travel order which bans Muslims … er Islamists … um people who look “funny”. Awww, you know what I mean.   Kelly Ann, help me out here. Tell them what I mean.


Donald J. Trump    @realDonaldTrump – Jan 5

Crooked Media is lying to the American people by using my own words against me.  Not fair!


Donald J. Trump    @realDonaldTrump – Dec 14

Fidel Castro survived 9 US Presidents, but only 1 week after I got elected, he’s toast.



Donald J. Trump    @realDonaldTrump – Dec 14

I got Rick Perry a Christmas present.  It’s a screen saver that reminds him which government agency  he will run Department of Energy.



Donald J. Trump    @realDonaldTrump – Dec 13

People say Rex Tillerson is the not qualified to be Sec of State, so I checked some references.

I spoke with his mom, his private wealth manager and Vladimir Putin … and they all like him. That’s good enough for me!



Donald J. Trump    @realDonaldTrump – Dec 9

People say my wall idea is crazy – I don’t think so. China built a wall and look how many Mexicans they have.



Donald J. Trump    @realDonaldTrump – Dec 7

Crooked media and Time Magazine just named me Con-Man of the Year. I’m WINNING and wasn’t even trying to win!


Donald J. Trump    @realDonaldTrump – Dec 7

In June my financial advisors said the stock market would crash if I win the election. I believed them, so I sold all of my stock in June.  Oops.


Donald J. Trump    @realDonaldTrump – Dec 6

Sun  is going to rise tomorrow morning in the east at about 7:02am EST.  NASA confirms that this would not be happening if I was not elected president.  You’re Welcome!